Nowadays, there are hundreds of options to choose from when moving from one place to another. While there is an endless list of names out there, you usually have three options when you’re choosing to move. You can choose a big nationwide company, you can maybe rent a few things and move it yourself, or you can choose locally. People always boast about using local things, but why is this so important, and especially for a moving service? Being one of those local moving companies in Austin TX, ourselves, we at Real Men Moving have a few ideas as to why it’s better to go local for your move.

The pricing tends to be better.

When hiring almost any type of service, people’s first question is often- how much will it cost me? When you go local with just about anything, there tends to be more competitive pricing. There are many reasons for this when it comes to different businesses, but for moving, it’s simple. Smaller, local companies, are more concentrated on a smaller area. This means that since we have a smaller area to serve, we don’t need as much to get around as big companies do.

This also factors in to our operating costs being lower. Operating costs for any local moving company are always going to be less than a big one. You can easily see this reflected in the company rates. While local companies might tend to have the stitch of only operating a certain distance, they also tend to be easier to compromise with. Local companies are family-owned and value having relationships with their customers. If you’re worried about distance, give your local moving company a call and see if you can work something out. It will definitely be worth it when you realize how much you saved!

More local, less problems.

As mentioned before, local companies really value their relationships with their clients. When you’re a local business, every review, whether it’s online or through word-of-mouth, counts. A good reputation is what keeps a small business afloat. Big businesses often don’t have to care about this since they have thousands of reviews and hundreds of branches; you might not know which branch a review is bad-mouthing anyway. But for local companies, since reputation matters, we make sure to resolve any issue as quickly as possible.

When it comes to moving, it can be easy for small problems to add up quickly. Not having enough material or just leaving one small box behind can often cause chaos. Another reason why you’ll have less problems like this with a local company is because we simply have less clients. Smaller area to cover equals less clients and more focus. On top of needing to keep our reputations intact, we’ll also find it easier to do so since we don’t have hundreds of orders coming from our boss in the city on the other side of the country. Clients and customers are personal and truly matter to local companies. You just won’t get the heart in problem-solving in big companies like you will with local.

It benefits the local community.

Hiring local means you are hiring real people from your local community! If you’re moving away from a community you loved dearly like Austin, consider using local moving companies in Austin, TX as a last thank you gift to the people. Massive corporations don’t benefit nearly as much from getting hired like local companies do. While it may seem like a small gesture to you, it will mean a lot to whatever local company you choose.


As mentioned, reputation is much more important to local companies than big corporations. Local moving companies in Austin, TX will do everything they can to make sure you remember them as reliable. Local companies like ours also tend to be family-owned and run. This means that most people working for them have been doing the job all their lives and are very experienced. Big corporations are often guilty of hiring whoever can lift over 50 pounds. At companies like Real Men Moving, our people have years and years of experience.

Local companies are fully insured and fully licensed. We’ve done it multiple times before with the same, trustworthy management. While local companies are known to be staples of the community, they are always evolving and growing to be better. Local companies are great at making really high standards for themselves, and being family, they don’t just hire anyone. You can trust that with this experience, high standards, and care about client relationships, local companies will be much more beneficial to you than a corporation.

They really know the area.

When moving, many people like asking their movers what to get for dinner or where to buy the best furniture and appliances. Often, big corporations will just list of other corporate names that anyone knows. But local companies have movers that really live in and love the area and can direct you to the right places.

Of course, this isn’t something that everyone asks for. Another great benefit of a local moving company that you’ll definitely use is navigating the area. Big corporations have no problem just plugging in the new address into the GPS and going. However, local companies know not only the best short cuts in town– but also where the big pot holes and rough roads are. Local companies tend to break less items for lots of reasons, and one of them is the fact that they know where they’re going.

You’ll know their true colors.

We touched on this a little bit before, but reviews are something that’s really important to any small business. Websites like Yelp and Facebook give clients the opportunity to say exactly how the experience with a company was. You can even find reviews like this for our company on our Facebook page. However, when it comes to big corporations, not only are reviews for the right place hard to find since they have so many locations, but they have the money to hide them. That’s right– even though it’s illegal, many big corporations can use different methods of hiding bad reviews, such as hiring people to write fake ones. Many corporations even offer bonus deals to people who promise to write a good review, no matter how their service really was.

Even without the internet, since it’s a local company, you can often just ask around. If a local moving company has been serving your area for years, there’s a good chance that they’ve helped out a few of your neighbors. And when you ask your neighbors what it was like, the people who helped them move will likely be the same exact people to help you. This also makes reviews easier to trust. Local companies are family, and family sticks around– while corporations are always on rotations of whatever employee they think is the best and fastest.

Local businesses are always a great option, whether you’re looking for a moving service or not. However, if you are looking for a local moving company in Austin, TX or the central Texas area, give us a call at Real Men Moving. You can also view our local moving services here.