Most students who graduate from the University of Texas at Austin tend to fall in love with the city and want to stay here. However, there are a lot of downsides to staying near the west campus area once you’ve graduated. It can feel strange to be around mostly college students, and prices tend to go up when realtors discover you’re not a student. Some students used to have scholarships, grants, or dorm deals to pay for their stay, and now they don’t. We think moving to the Austin suburbs is your best bet, and here’s why.

1. The farther from the city, the cheaper the living.

There are plenty of great suburbs that aren’t more than a 25 minute drive from the city where your price of living would be cut in half. A popular one we move people to a lot is Buda, Texas. Buda is only a 24 minute drive from downtown, and there are plenty of great neighborhoods with both suburb-like large grocery stores and city-like unique shops.

Some other suburbs less than half an hour away to consider are Rollingwood, Bee Cave, and West Lake Hills.

2. It’s easier to find a routine as a real adult with less noise.

In the city, it can be hard to maintain some of your newfound college-graduate-adult responsibilities. All the fast hustle of downtown in the day and the parties at night can be tempting, or distracting. But being just a little farther from the city can give you a nice double life. You can be an adult with a grocery shopping, exercising, and work routine– but also be an adult that can go into the city and have fun as much as they want. Once you graduate college, you need even more of a work/play balance than you did before. Moving even just 15-20 minutes away in the right direction can help you achieve that a little easier.

3. Find a new community for a new era of your life.

The truth is, people grow apart after college. But the good news is, you don’t stop making friends once you graduate. If you move to the right place, there could be people around you in the same situation. It’s important to find a community you feel you, or your future self, will fit into nicely– as the house you first move into after college is a landmark of a new era of your life.

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