Imagine this scenario – you’re preparing to move from your current home to your new home. You’re currently packing items into your standard moving boxes, only to soon discover that you’ve run out of boxes. What do you do now? What else could you possibly use to pack some of your items into to help with the move? Thankfully, there are some great solutions to solve this type of problem and to help relieve all of the stress– and don’t worry, Austin movers will still move them for you!

Here are four useful alternatives to the more traditional moving boxes that you can use to help you with the big move.

Garbage Bags

Garbage bags are one of the most perfect alternatives due to the fact that many of them are designed to stretch against all sorts of large-sized loads. As a result, you can stuff them full of items such as clothing, meaning you won’t have to worry about folding them or even running out of room. Additionally, you can even leave your clothes on the hangers as well, meaning that when you get to your new home, all you have to do is pull the clothes with the hangers out of the bag and simply hang them in your new closet. Even better is the fact that garbage bags are available in bulk and never cost a great deal of money to purchase!

Grocery Bags

Grocery bags are another amazing alternative, especially the reusable kind. These are perfect for storing items such as office supplies, knickknacks, bathroom toiletries, toys, etc. that you may not want to pack in moving boxes in order to waste space. You can even double-bag certain items with reusable grocery bags if you wish to do so for extra safety. Simply take the time to collect these bags a few weeks before your move is scheduled to take place in order to ensure that you have plenty of them available to use.

Gift Bags

Gift bags are somewhat similar to the reusable grocery bag option; however, they have an additional advantage in that they are more sturdy and can be identified easier thanks to their bright colors. Additionally, they can be great for any last-minute items that you may have forgotten to pack up, meaning that you won’t have to worry about finding anything new to toss something into.

Empty Drawers

Empty dresser drawers are also great alternatives for packing extra items for your move as well, especially since they will need to be removed from dressers in order to be easily transported to your new home anyway. After placing whatever items you wish into them, be sure to cover the top of them by either using plastic or by taping a makeshift lid on top of it. Not only will this option help to save you money, but it will also help to save more space inside the moving truck as well.

These are just a select few of the many different options to consider in the event that you end up running out of moving boxes to use during your move that many Austin movers use. The most important thing is to be creative; however, you will also want to be safe as well when coming up with ideas to help you along the way.

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